Executive Board MembeR/Chairman: Master George E. Mattson

Uechi-ryu Grandmaster George E. Mattson is rightfully considered a martial arts pioneer and author. Leads the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation. First American to earn a Uechi-ryu Black Belt Certificate and known as the first American to bring Uechi-ryu from Okinawa to America. 


EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER/President: Shihan Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley serves as the President of the South China Martial Arts Alliance. Sensei Bentley holds dan rankings in karate, ju-jutsu and kobudo.  He currently holds the rank of hachidan and has been awarded the titles of Shihan and Hanshi.

executive board member/Vice President/tREASURER: David Berndt


Executive Board Member: Timothy dando

Tim Dando holds the rank of Godan in Uechi-ryu and has been awarded the title of Shihan in Uechi-ryu karate.  Tim trains directly under Grand Master George E Mattson.  He has studied and trained for almost 30 years including training in Shito-ryu, Tai Chi, Tang Soo Do, Hung Fut Pia Kung Fu and traditional lion dancing.  He also has trained in Okinawan and Chinese weapons as well as Aiki jo.

BOARD MEMBER: Patricia dando

board member: gene williams

Gene Williams is a SCMAA Board Member and serves as the Shito ryu technical advisor for SCMAA.  Sensei Williams has been studying Japanese and Okinawan martial arts since 1970.  He received his shodan in Chibana ha Shorin ryu from Sensei Koto Higoshi in 1974.  He then began training in Motobu ha Shito-ryu in 1975 and received his rokudan rank in Motobu ha Shito ryu in 1996.  He holds the rank of nidan in kobudo and has trained in Hakko ryu jujutsu and Omori ryu and Eishin ryu iaido.  Sensei Williams has served as Shibucho for Georgia for four years in ISKU and kata advisor/training officer for Kita Kaze Bujutsu Kai.