This resource section will provide a variety of information that the martial arts student will find interesting and helpful during their training.  As always, additional research is encouraged to gain a more in-depth understanding of the information presented.  


Kumite No Gogensoku (Five Principles of Kumite)

  1. Kiwa Hayaku – Attack your opponent with a strong spirit, do not think about defense, only your attack.
  2. Kokorowa Shizuka – Always maintain a calm mind and spirit.
  3. Miwa Kanuku – Your movement and techniques must be polished and smooth.
  4. Mewa Akirakari – When you look at your opponent, see all of him.  Do not fix your gaze on one spot.
  5. Wazawa Hageshiku – Your technique must be sharp.


Special Waza Comparisons

  1. Kihon Waza - basic techniques
  2. Ki No Nagare Waza - flowing techniques
  3. Oyo Waza - techniques of application
  4. Henka Waza - techniques of variations
  5. Henren Waza - linked techniques
  6. Kaeshi Waza - techniques of reaction or response
  7. Himitsu Waza - secret techniques


Fundamental Concepts of Martial Arts

  1. Maai – distancing
  2. Ma – moments or intervals of time
  3. Inasu – block and counter in the same motion
  4. Nagasu – side shifting
  5. Noru – riding, flowing, absorbing an attack while at the same time countering
  6. Naga waza – throwing techniques
  7. Ni (Wa) sentenashi – no first strike
  8. Irimi – entering
  9. Sen – will or act of attacking
  10. Go no sen – block then counter after attack
  11. Sen no sen – block and counter at the same time
  12. Sen Sen no Sen – counter before the opponent can initiate the attack
  13. Machi no sen – waiting sen
  14. Yasume – being relaxed at all times
  15. Tai Sabaki – body shifting/movement
  16. Zanshin – constant awareness of your surroundings
  17. Mudana no chikara – do not use unnecessary strength or power
  18. Mudana no iroki – do not use unnecessary movement
  19. Mudana no waza – do not use unnecessary techniques
  20. Mushin no shin – mind of no mind
  21. Mizume – defeat by sight
  22. Obyoshi kobyoshi, kobyoshi obyoshi – rhythm manipulation
  23. Ryaku – strategy